Women Facilitation Center provided more than 100 vulnerable women access to justice. Balochistan Session Court Bar Room renovated under USAID funded sub grant of Gender Equity Program.
Youth For Change



Youth for Change (YfC) is the long term strategic focus of CTE and important attribute towards attainment of its Goal & Objectives. Deploying a program approach, YfC is a cluster of various projects and stand alone initiaitves undertaken and to be undertaken in coming years. 


YfC is focusing the neglected but the most important human capital of youth. Despite the fact the around 60% of the population, youth are ignored and excluded from the development processes. Moreover, they are the ones who are facing the most advserse effects of trimbling economy, fragmentation in socieity, political instability and threats to human security. Youth in Pakistan are passing through a crucial phase with no proper attention from the government.


Realizing the fact that future of the nation is dependent on youth, CTE has come forward to promote, guide, enable and mainstream the youth in development so that future of national can be secured from the violence, instability and poverty.


For its initiatives in 2013, CTE is likely to launch following intervention starting from Balochistan:


Initiative for Mainstreaming Youth in Development & Accountability (IMYDA)

Funded by USAID under Citizens' Voice Project of TDEA.

(March 2014-March 2015)

IMYDA will be having three pillars of engagement with youth:


Pillar-1:            Formation of District & Provincial Youth Assemblies & Capacity Building
Pillar-2:            Youth Policy & Support Mechanisms for Youth

Pillar-3:            Youth Engagement, Partnership and Actions


  Revival of My Professional Career As Lawyer
I, Farzana Khilji, joined law as profession in Balochistan a province with dominant tribal and fuedal norms and traditions. Balochistan is a province where women are still struggling for their improved and acknowleged status. On the other hand, women's existance in the profession of law is yet a big challenge since institutional support is not available...
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