Women Facilitation Center provided more than 100 vulnerable women access to justice. Balochistan Session Court Bar Room renovated under USAID funded sub grant of Gender Equity Program.
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Paid Internship of Women Law Graduates & Women Junior Lawyers on Internship of Women Law Graduates & Women Junior Lawyers.

To increase women's participation in Judicial System as Lawyers, Female Law Graduates and Female Junior Lawyers were offered paid internship for 9 months. They were attached with the law firms to improve their professional skills so that they could grow professionally and could sustain in the field of law. 32 women were inducted as internees and placed at 17 law firms in Quetta.

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  Revival of My Professional Career As Lawyer
I, Farzana Khilji, joined law as profession in Balochistan a province with dominant tribal and fuedal norms and traditions. Balochistan is a province where women are still struggling for their improved and acknowleged status. On the other hand, women's existance in the profession of law is yet a big challenge since institutional support is not available...
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